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62 Chester Burn Close
Pelton Fell, DH2 2NZ
United Kingdom

ROX BROWS is the business title for Roxanna Mann the SPMU technician who specialises in semi permanent makeup and microblading.

About Each Treatment

Cosmetic Brow Tattoo

This method is where the pigment is applied using a digital machine to give the effect of natural looking hair-strokes (or powder brow) via small needles implanting the pigment into the dermal layer of the skin; the skin then heals over and the pigment appears much softer under the skin once it has healed. A second treatment is required as the skin may not take all of the pigment during the initial healing period.



This is also a cosmetic tattoo but with a different method of application which uses a manual tool to implant the pigment. This allows the hair-strokes to appear a little finer than with the digital machine method; a second treatment is also required with microblading and is included in the price.

Eyeliner Tattoo

This can be a thicker 'makeup look' liner on the upper and lower lash line, or a lash enhancement made much finer on the upper lash line to look more like natural definition and frame your eyes. Only very dark brown or black pigment is used for this treatment.