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ROX BROWS is the business title for Roxanna Mann the SPMU technician who specialises in semi permanent makeup and microblading.


Frequently Asked Questions

Semi-Permanent Eyebrows/makeup


  • How long do they last?

Cosmetic enhancements/tattoos can last in the skin up to a few years, the pigment particles that have been implanted in your skin will gradually break down over time losing definition, the colour will dull down and they gradually disappear.

Each individual person’s treatment will not fade at the same rate, it all depends on your skin type (dry/oily/sensitive etc) and how your skin retains the pigment, also sun exposure and high UV rays including sunbeds will contribute to the fading of the tattoo if not protected by high factor sun protection.


  • How often do I need a top up?

To keep the colour looking fresh and the shape looking defined top ups are required usually around 8-14 months, it is personal preference as to how often to have a top up as you may fade quicker or hold the pigment better than someone else


  • Does it hurt/is it painful?

I numb you throughout the treatment so that you are as comfortable as possible, but no it doesn't hurt. It may feel a little tender towards the end of the treatment, and you may have small areas that will feel a little sensitive but you'll generally be very comfortable for the entire time.


  • How long will the appointment take?

Your appointment is around 2 hours, the first 45 mins of your appointment is the consultation, you fill in a consultation form and I explain the treatment to you so that you have a full understanding. We also discuss your needs and the results that you desire from the treatment.

The colour is matched up to to your skin tone and hair colour along with the stencil which is measured out and tailored to your face.

The last hour and a half is all tattooing, you are also given a full aftercare sheet with advice which is also thoroughly explained to you during the consultation. 

When you return for your top up 4-8 weeks later (this is included in the price) this appointment is around 1 to 1.5 hours, including the numbing time.


  • Will you shave off my existing eyebrows?

Absolutely not! Once the stencil has been measured and drawn on, any stray hairs that are not within the stencil get plucked away. Simple.


  • How long do they take to heal?

The healing period is around 7-14 days, it really just depends on your skin and how much of a fast healer you are.

During this period you are not to get them wet, not to put any products on them including creams and makeup. This could possibly contaminate the area causing infection and hindering the healing process, affecting your results.


  • When do I need to pay?

To secure your appointment a £50 non-refundable deposit is required, the remaining balance is due on the day of the appointment.